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We are the for-impact branch of livelihood.

Livelihood Projects launched in 2019 as a tree-planting organization whose mission soon expanded beyond trees.

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Depiction of a neighborhood in Houston alongside an oil and gas refinery.
What we believe

NATURE is a basic human right that should be within everyone's reach.

We are intrinsically connected to and dependent on nature for our own survival, yet despite its universal importance, access to nature remains unequal, particularly in dense urban areas and underserved communities where the lack of parks, clean air, water, and other natural amenities persists.

Our mission

to build, restore, and conserve native habitats in cities for a better quality of life for all.

Urban growth has often come at the cost of wildlife and the natural environment. We believe there is a better, more sustainable approach that cultivates green spaces and promotes the widespread planting of native trees and plants, the development of pedestrian-friendly, car-lite neighborhoods, and the promotion of alternative transportation modes to enhance the well-being of individuals and foster vibrant, community-centric living.

Our story

nature is at our core, it always has been.

Nature is not just a part of our story; it's our core, beginning, and ongoing commitment. In 2019, we embarked on a mission called Livelihood Projects, responding to the urgent need for habitat restoration in urban parks and trails. Initially, we invited neighbors to sponsor a tree in the community with a $40 donation, and in exchange, we gave them a free t-shirt. The free t-shirts were a big hit, and what had started as an environmental initiative would soon become something larger.

Empowered by their impact, donors started requesting a wider range of sustainable clothing in exchange for their donations to fuel their everyday adventures. In response, Livelihood Apparel emerged in 2021, expanding our mission from restoring native habitats in American cities to changing the apparel industry that contributes an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions yearly.

Today, while we have two distinct logos and websites, Projects and Livelihood remain one company with a couple of important missions underneath it all.

On the one hand, Projects continues its commitment to restoring native habitats in urban parks and trails. On the other, Livelihood is committed to ending fast fashion and encouraging sustainable exploration through premium natural, recycled, and biodegradable apparel that performs. Our journey may have taken two paths, but our dedication to nature and sustainability unites us in a singular purpose—positively impacting people and our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we a non-profit?

No, Projects is not a non-profit organization. We are Livelihood's for-impact department focusing on carrying out our organizational mission of restoring native habitats in urban parks and trails for a better quality of life for all.

Where do we plant trees and restore native habitats?

We partner with governments, municipalities, and conservancies across the country to plant trees and restore native habitats in urban areas. If you want to see a map of where we've worked before, visit our impact page.


We carefully select plant species based on the specific planting location. Our commitment is to exclusively plant native trees, plants, and grasses that naturally thrive in the designated area, ensuring ecological harmony and resilience.

Where do we grow our trees and plants?

All our trees and plants are grown by local farmers to select species adapted to the local climate, reduce transportation emissions, and support local farmers.

Are the trees and plants maintained?

Maintenance varies by location and partnerships. On smaller or more trafficked sites, our partners may water for 1-2 years. On larger sites, a naturalistic approach produces greater results. Despite a higher initial mortality rate, this strategy allocates funds to purchase and plant more, ensuring a larger planting and long-term success. Our focus on native species and planting in during the optimal planting season, contributes to robust root establishment for sustained growth.

Can i volunteer?

Yes, we'd love for you to join us! You can sign up to volunteer at any of our upcoming plantings here.

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